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As you might know, Ohio is one of the worst states when it comes to enforcing animal cruelty laws and making animal cruelty a serious crime. It is still a misdemeanor in Ohio, one of only four states that have not made animal cruelty a felony. HB 70, which sought to make animal cruelty a fifth-degree felony, was introduced last year and passed the House, but sat in the Senate for so long that the statute of limitations ran out and it went no-where. Animal welfarists are trying to reintroduce the bill this year. If you are living in Ohio, call your representative and senator and demand that this bill gets reintroduced!

Ohio is one of the leading producers and exporters of puppies. Puppy mills are big business here. This is perhaps why the animal abuse laws are so lax. Almost every month there is something in the paper about starving and dying puppies in overcrowded kennels. This needs to stop.

Read more about the bill and the campaign to reintroduce it here:
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