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I'm looking at doing the Lisbon half marathon in December, as I've heard it's a lovely route and beginner friendly (I've only done the Bristol half marathon so far). I haven't traveled alone... In fact, I've not been away since 2006 on any kind of break.<br><br>
Essentially, I have no idea <i>how</i> to do this traveling lark. I'm a brave young buck and I don't back down from a challenge.<br><br>
I have these questions if anyone could help me:<br><ul><li>Can I get from the UK to Lisbon without flying?</li>
<li>Is it easy to get from the ferry/air port to the city centre without paying loads for a taxi?</li>
<li>Is it vegan friendly?</li>
<li>Am I safe as a single (female) traveler?</li>
<li>Any tips on hotels?</li>
<li>Any tips on cool things to do/see when I'm not running?</li>
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