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here are some links concerning arthritis and diet, there is still some doctors that are not nutrition oriented and question whether diet makes any difference. If your mom seriously wants to get mobile again, suggest sshe just try it for a month and see if she feels better. Everone is different and it may be different sensitivities.

Here is a list of foods suspect:

Foods to avoid

A Red meat (beef, lamb, pork).

B Cow's milk, cheese and yoghurt.

C Brown and white wheat flour, bran.(Do not use any produce where wheat starch, edible starch, cereal binder, cereal filler or cereal protein are listed as ingredients.)

D Citrus fruit, fruit covered in wax, such as imported apples.

E -

F Dry roasted nuts.

G Sugar and foods containing sugar. Syrup, treacle and honey.

H Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, cocoa, tea, alcohol.

I Salt, pepper, vinegar.

J Butter and margarine - use as little as possible.

K Chocolate

here are some links:

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