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Yes, we have a new super-mod, Quiet-Vegan, who hails from the UK, and statistically at least, somewhere along the way, may be in line to be Queen of the British Empire! With credentials like that, we couldn't resist promoting her to modhood!

Welcome to the mod-squad, Quiet-Vegan!

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Welcome, Quiet-Vegan! I've enjoyed our interactions over the past year and you are a most welcome addition to the moderation team.

Now, hop to it!


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Originally Posted by Quiet-Vegan View Post

Shucks, thank you

I'm not sure I'll ever be in line for the throne, my family history suggests some rather un-royal descendants. I'm actually distantly related to Captain Henry Morgan, pirate and privateer!
Hi Quiet-Vegan and welcome.

I have no worries for you. Like Captain Henry Morgan's toothless parrot "Popsy", you're bound to suck seed.

(Now you see what you're getting into...)

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