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This mix is pure heaven. I submitted a review on saying that it really can stand on its own and does not need to be covered up with other ingredients like other cheese substitutes.

I actually think it has a more rich and flavorful taste than something like Kraft Mac 'N Cheese. I dissolved mine in almond milk and warmed it at a low temperature. Slowly, it thickened to a very nice cheese sauce consistency. Don't get eager to add ingredients like salt. It comes out perfect as is.

On a whole, I totally recommend it. It's the best I have tried yet. The only thing that gives it a run for the money is Amy's Rice Macaroni & Cheeze (made with Daiya cheese). Amy's is creamier, but not as flavorful. Don't get me wrong, Leahey's is creamy, too. Amy's is just uber-creamy.

Considering this product costs about $6 and can make about 5-6 servings and macaroni is dirt cheap, it's a steal. Amy's costs about $4 for a single serving.
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