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Time is running out on a rare opportunity to make a massive difference to the vivisection industry. Were asking you to spend a few minutes to help make an historic inquiry into the medical relevance of vivisection go ahead. Time is running out fast, so please act today.

A parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) is requesting an independent investigation into testing drugs on animals. At the very least any inquiry like this will find severe limitations to the use of animals, and recommend drastic changes.

What we need you to do is this:

Go to and enter your postcode. If your MP has not signed, politely ask him or her to do so. You could point out that its an inquiry supported by over 80% of GPs and several establishment medical organisations (details of this are below). This takes about 3 minutes.

If you think your MP wont sign, try anyway. Many people have been shocked to find their MP, who previously was unsympathetic, has signed. This is a very reasonable, and very popular EDM. If you arrange to meet your MP at their surgery, make sure you take the wording of the EDM which is below.

Ask friends to contact their MP and do the same. If they have no internet access, they can:

Write - House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Or phone - 020 7219 3000

Write to your local paper and ask people to request their MP to sign you could use the sample letter below.

Flyers are available to give out email [email protected] to request an email version to print yourself or to get some sent by post.

Supporters of animal testing have been telephoning MPs and urging them NOT to sign it probably because they know it will reveal the uncomfortable truth about vivisection. This desperation is evidence not only that vivisection is flawed, but also that we need this to happen.


The deadline for EDMs in this session is on or around November 8th. Already EDM92 is in the top 1% of most signed EDMs, but we need to get many more to sign if were going to make this happen. This is an historic chance to really make a difference, so please do all you can!

More info:
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