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Hi I am looking to rent out a very large bedroom in our 3 bedroom house. The house is in Framingham. There are two humans (my husband and I) and one dog (30 pounds and very cuddly) who currently live there. The house has two full bathrooms (one up and one downstairs) so there is potential for you to have your own dedicated shower.

I have to say, I would prefer to find someone who is vegan/vegetarian to rent to however... my husband is not vegetarian so there is a chance that animal products will be in a contained drawer in the fridge.

Please reply if you are interested. We are hoping to find someone to move in September 1st. Flexible on the date for sure. Looking for about $600/month. Includes all utilities. No furniture in the room but we have some extra stuff if you want to borrow it.

Thanks :)
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