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By sensitive do you mean painful?

If it is pain you are talking about is the pain connected to your cycle or constant?

By sensitive do you mean rashes from contact?

I tend to look at overall health rather then single body part. Your age is going to make a difference in the recommendation. Not your specific age but in general are you younger then 15? Are you collage age? 30-40? Pre-menopausal? Have you reached menopause or had a hysterectomy?

There are some general aids to sensitivity connected to your cycle. Not drinking coffee, black or green tea (as well as cola or other caffinated soft drinks) can be helpful in relieving "sensitivity" once you get past the withdrawal. Making or buying an infused oil (Not ESSENTIAL oil) of calendula petals can be quite helpful at relieving pain. Arnica gel or cream gives the same affect as calendula but is toxic. If you are nursing (yet another factor to sensitivity) or have any oral contact to your breast you will not want to spread something on them that is an oral poison.

There are pain-relieving herbs other than calendula and arnica that are taken orally. There are herbs that assist with relieving water retention, which causes pain, herbs that assist your body to rid itself of cysts or benign lumps and knots.

Susun Weed writes books on womans health. There are other authors who are very good; I am just reading her right now. Rosemary Gladstone will be my next read on the subject.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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