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well, i went!

it was very hot in downtown l.a..

but it was fun.

lots of different tofu dishes, not all vegan, but vegetarians had more options. all the food i had was pretty tasty. curry tofu, tofu "burgers', jerk tofu, tofu ice cream (wholesoy, mmm), tofu "chicken", tofu sorbet, soy latte (tea w/boba too), tofu burritos/tacos, tofu noodles, and all other kinds of stuff... lots to choose from. they even had cream puffs and cakes with tofu made fillings (though they were not vegan

kind of pricey (8 buck admission, then you had to buy tickets to get food, though that was a pretty good deal since most things were only one or two tickets, and pretty decent tasting portions), but i don't mind supporting a tofu gathering every once in awhile.

anyone else drop by?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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