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Hello everybody,<br><br>
My name is William and I am a vegan for over 12 years now.<br>
I wanted to share to you a product which I recently got as a present from my daughter.<br>
She truly supports me in what I do, and I can see that she respects my way of living.<br>
I have asked my daughter where she bought the book so I could share it with all of you.<br><br><b>Why am I doing this?</b><br>
I know how it's like to create a decent meal with the same ingredients every single day and still be creative.<br>
That's why I share this book with all of you, just because it helps me a lot in the search of a tastefull meal.<br>
The book is easy to follow and has a lot of good quality meals.<br><br>
I do have to say I was a little bit against the book in the beginning, but It truly changed my way of cooking.<br><br>
If you have a vegan in the family, concider giving this book as a present.<br><br>
Anyway, here is the link i got from my daughter: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I hope this post is in the right category.<br><br>
Good day to you all,<br>
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