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I'm not sure what the rest of the country has heard about Lebron James, so I'll explain by letting you know that he is the #1 basketball draft pick and the Cleveland Cavaliers has him. He has been dubbed The Choosen One by Sports Illustrated and King James locally. The kid is super good and was selling out games while still playing for High School. As a matter of fact, they had to move one of the High School games to the Gund Arena (where the Cavs play) due to the sheer amount of people that wanted to see him play. Guess what?? King James sold out the Gund that night ; a feat that the Cavaliers have yet to do. Yep, Lebron is going to breath life into the Cavs like nobody's business. I remember reading that Gordon Gund was considering moving the Cavs not long ago due to lack of ticket sales and general overall disinterest in them period. I don't think Gordo has to worry about slumping ticket sales any time soon. Oh, and he also signed with Nike in a $90 million plus endorsement deal. Is he worth it to Nike? Well,Nike's stock jump up 30 cents a share the day the announced the deal with Lebron. I think they'll be pleased.

But man, you should be here. The town is almost electrified. I haven't seen this much excitement since the Browns were the being called the Kardiac Kids (back in the Bernie Kosar days).

Do you think that Lebron is the next Michael Jordan for basketball?
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