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Firstly, thank you for all the supportive posts. They really helped

It was good to have all the different perspectives.

Well, the so called "worst" happened... my ex likes someone else...

And I feel fine!!!!

I also like someone new and my ex is fine about it!

In fact, we've been like best friends..

We're not jealous, not bitter or awkward.

In fact, we've both been kind of playing cupid for each other.

It was totally the right thing for us to split, and ultimately, I feel it has saved our friendship.

I saw him make a move on someone at the weekend...and I was waiting for some kind of negative feeling to kick in, but it didn't! I just felt like I do if it is a "normal" friend whose eyeing someone up - pleased and excited for them!

I feel so relieved!!

Only down side is that I've already messed up with this new guy because I had a moment of self doubt and did my "ha...i need no man" act and ended up upsetting him a bit. whoops

All in all, I am so much happier than I was a month ago, and better off.

I've traded a dead, and damaging relationship with my ex for a fullfilling friendship where we can support each other and not be stressed about the fact that we both knew the end was nigh!

Thanks everyone!

to all.

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I passed down my dead and failed relationship a bit ago, but my ex didn't take it as well as yours [maybe because he was going to propose ... he apparently didn't realize how bad off we were ... "love" blinds us like that].

I am very glad you were able to work things out and save your friendship.
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