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Where in Kentucky are you from?

Kentucky Where in Kentucky are you from?

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I know a lot of people posted on the original thread where they were from, but it's been locked, and I thought turning the question into a poll would get the Kentucky forum active again.

I'm originally from Meade County, Kentucky...but I'm currently going to UK in Lexington.

Louisville and Lexington are the only cities I listed because they're by far the biggest...if you're from another city in KY (owensboro, etown, frankfort, bowling green, etc), just mark the region and specify in your post.
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I voted for Lexington, because it isn't far from my house. I live in Cynthiana specifically, but we usually go to Lexington at least once a week.
I live in Adairville, exactly 2 miles over the Tennessee border. here, trying to see if there is any life left in the Ky area...the whole section seems to be quiet for the last year or so. NKY just south of Cincinnati.
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