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cooOOooOL...nice writing there kat :inserts thumbs up emoticon that vb! doesn have but vmb does:

uhm i usually do like weird spoken word type flows...but here's a try at something dif i wrote the other day b4 a protest being a good for nuthin gutter gurl...

fine! u lose aka business alley

business alley

bum-like space

taking up the air

sweet disgrace


time sipped away

styrofoam liter

chill winter day

caffiene, upper, jitters


lean where, worn benches

naked asfault now

because beurocrat buildings

--should fall

they said "no"

to having a place

to pass out

"..without rent?!

scum bags pay!

make something of yourselves

work for the towers

or go away!"


business alley


gots trades of its own

deal these rocks

sellin home cooked

not homegrown


'when i grow up'

they say i cant...

be sittin in the alleyway

be waiting in the gutter


fresh cement 'do not touch'

few will ever do

just that--lay a finger

on what the scruffy opening

it's tall, story-high, shadowers



mad, mean, greed

injust, competitive, game

the machine

work a holic, alcoholic parties

rushed daze

too complicated for you

to persue, what it all stands to be

they say


die, die, die

where'd it all go?

rolled snake eyes

twice in a row

gambling stability

building leaning

shadowing thoses...

structures, sucked it all

stoll your life.


5 daze, 7 times a week

construing cleaner alleys

dumpsters with keys

as you robed the robe-less

so you could hord your waste


gained over wage

testifying underpaid

made a living,


lost love, life, inspiration



you became the helpless

poor lifeless

at the end

of the alley

lifeless, regretful, coulda

shoulda beens

in place of those

at the end of the business alley


those who's eyes you

wouldnt even meet

when asked for the time

or to spare a dime

deadened, r u ashamed?

who but urself

the machine, the package

is to blame


...not so spectacular, buti like what it's abouT

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Here's a poem relayed to me by my friend British Chris

2 y's

u r

2 y's

u b

i c u r

2 y's

4 me

Of course we've prob. seen it before, but he is here insisting I post it, inquire if he may find a gf here, and if he should get a tongue ring. there i said it. HAPPY?!

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Apologies to all of you who have read it before, it is often used as my visiting card but this site has an introductions board for you to "hang" yourself in.




Dear Children,

When you next have meat for tea

Please think of Bobby and me,

We loved our green field and blue sky;

and did not choose to die

So when your family next shop,

you could all help to stop

the cruel killing of today,

by choosing to live the vegan way

You could close the factory farm

that causes us all so much harm,

and those other vile targets

the overcrowded animal markets

And what would be our finest hour ?;

closing the very last abbatoir.

Its too late for poor Larry and me,

for we sadly, were in your tea.

Thank you for reading our letter,

Bobby and Larry,

Heaven's Gate.

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Are you yet another animal loving hypocrite ?

Eating meat, drinking milk, purely out of habit,

If so, then the cap must surely fit !

Is this the kind of person you really want to be ?

Supporting so much hidden, callous cruelty,

If not; then why not set yourself free !

You could assume full control of your own mind,

Stop being so insensitively indifferent and unkind,

Stop being so conveniently blind !

You could become a more compassionate person today,

By travelling along the vegetarian > vegan way,

You can do it - do it today !

It's never too late !

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Music is poetry, right? This is a song I wrote back in 96 when I first started thinking about leaving. It took me almost 2 years to get up the balls to leave..

I just realized that I never gave it a name

Always wearing a frown,

Face feels so low to the ground.

Old beyond my years

See you - Shed the Tears.

Strangers look like they know

A hole in my heart,

As deep as my soul.

'Fraid to release my fears,

See me - Shed the Tears.

(chorus fast)

And it's lonely here at home,

Not that great being alone.

I know it's somethin'

I have to do

Save Myself - Leavin' You

Save Myself - Leavin' You

I'll make it - Be happy someday!

But Lord I hope and I pray,

You'll be fine

Without me there,

You hatred is more than I





Save Myself - Leavin' You

I've saved Myself Leavin' You!!

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Thanks. I have a book that I write songs in when I get inspired. What I find so sad about that song is I wanted to leave for so long but was intimidated into not doing it (until there wasn't any other choice). Poetry is a great outlet to release emotions. It doesn't even have to make sense to anyone but you

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Wow, I just spent about 5 minutes with your poem. I can feel a vibe of vulnuablilty in it. I like writings that make me feel. Good work!
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