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So, I know you all write poetry. We all have angst, its not just a teenage phenomenon! I think we should share our poetry, it'll be fun. I'll start:

A Little Something

I lost a little something today.

Maybe it was important,

I don't know.

Maybe it had something to do with you.

I'd rather not get out of bed

This morning,

I'd rather waste away

And try to remember

What it is I'm trying to forget:

That I had something,

A reason to live,

And I threw it all away.

But it's not important.


Sometimes she cries,

especially when she has

no shoulder to cry on,

no arms to hold her.

Then she wants to die,

because she thinks that's

what it expected of her,

and she lives for everyone else.

Are you alone, love,

lonely like her shadow?

Do you sleep, love,

only to wake to greyer skies?

And she knows

there must be some way out of this.

And she dreams,

but her dreams never come true.

(Poems copyright Katherine Carr 2001)

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This poem is really about a guy I know that tried to kill himself, and I was the only person he told. He got better though.

Fallen Angel

He never asked for this,

so why is he getting this?

Why does he feel so lonely

when he could have the world?

Maybe he'll get lucky

Maybe he'll get happy

Maybe he'll just leave this empty life.

Oh, how he'd love to

just fly away

To spread his broken wings

once more

and disappear.

He deserves better than this,

this life of devastation.

Oh, fallen angel

cry on my shoulder

I'd give you your own heaven

if I could.

Katherine Carr 2001
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