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So, I know you all write poetry. We all have angst, its not just a teenage phenomenon! I think we should share our poetry, it'll be fun. I'll start:

A Little Something

I lost a little something today.

Maybe it was important,

I don't know.

Maybe it had something to do with you.

I'd rather not get out of bed

This morning,

I'd rather waste away

And try to remember

What it is I'm trying to forget:

That I had something,

A reason to live,

And I threw it all away.

But it's not important.


Sometimes she cries,

especially when she has

no shoulder to cry on,

no arms to hold her.

Then she wants to die,

because she thinks that's

what it expected of her,

and she lives for everyone else.

Are you alone, love,

lonely like her shadow?

Do you sleep, love,

only to wake to greyer skies?

And she knows

there must be some way out of this.

And she dreams,

but her dreams never come true.

(Poems copyright Katherine Carr 2001)

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cooOOooOL...nice writing there kat :inserts thumbs up emoticon that vb! doesn have but vmb does:

uhm i usually do like weird spoken word type flows...but here's a try at something dif i wrote the other day b4 a protest being a good for nuthin gutter gurl...

fine! u lose aka business alley

business alley

bum-like space

taking up the air

sweet disgrace


time sipped away

styrofoam liter

chill winter day

caffiene, upper, jitters


lean where, worn benches

naked asfault now

because beurocrat buildings

--should fall

they said "no"

to having a place

to pass out

"..without rent?!

scum bags pay!

make something of yourselves

work for the towers

or go away!"


business alley


gots trades of its own

deal these rocks

sellin home cooked

not homegrown


'when i grow up'

they say i cant...

be sittin in the alleyway

be waiting in the gutter


fresh cement 'do not touch'

few will ever do

just that--lay a finger

on what the scruffy opening

it's tall, story-high, shadowers



mad, mean, greed

injust, competitive, game

the machine

work a holic, alcoholic parties

rushed daze

too complicated for you

to persue, what it all stands to be

they say


die, die, die

where'd it all go?

rolled snake eyes

twice in a row

gambling stability

building leaning

shadowing thoses...

structures, sucked it all

stoll your life.


5 daze, 7 times a week

construing cleaner alleys

dumpsters with keys

as you robed the robe-less

so you could hord your waste


gained over wage

testifying underpaid

made a living,


lost love, life, inspiration



you became the helpless

poor lifeless

at the end

of the alley

lifeless, regretful, coulda

shoulda beens

in place of those

at the end of the business alley


those who's eyes you

wouldnt even meet

when asked for the time

or to spare a dime

deadened, r u ashamed?

who but urself

the machine, the package

is to blame


...not so spectacular, buti like what it's abouT

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i like to write haikus at work:

sitting in office

mail i have not picked up

shoes under desk

posting on vb

ack! a bug on the window

i can type backwards

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(I promise I will write real poems soon)

Ode to my cable modem, which gleams and twinkles at me,

from the corner near the phone behind the birdcage.

What technological goodness you feed into my brain!

Such swiftness with which you do so!

If only I could have asked the nice man to hook it directly

into my viens...oh what a world it would be!

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Joe is a man

Joe's got a van (maybe)

Joe doesn't like how I spell.

Joe thinks I'm silly

(but I'm not really)

Hey, JOE! I also can't rhyme!

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In a small ode to the cable

from someone who is able

a mispelling occured

of a simple word

now i have a new label(IBEEAC)

a small point was made

now some people are afraid

to post their rhymes

in these slow times

so ill start the parade

searches through many pages of crappy writing, pulls out gun and shoots self for being such a crappy poet

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Sunset Cliffs

I am so content here.

I find so many answers with you at my side,

here at the cliffs,

where perhaps destiny lies

in the sound of the crashing surf,

as it sculpts the rock with abandon,

not even meaning to.

Where the waves shape what we will see

and always have

always will.

Perhaps destiny lies in a flashing smile,

quick and teasing,

and savagely alive.

Perhaps it lies more accurately in timing,

although I am hard pressed to forfeit

my faith in the unexplained.

I have a great desire to impress,

I realise as I return your smile,

for you are very impressive.

I can feel my blood moving distinctly,

and I wonder what it aspires to do.

Does it know what great goal it is moving towards?

What wonderful thing it is so compelled to discover?'s a lot like me.

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I have never yet met someone,

so apt at self destruction.

It really takes some gumption,

but at least his friends are cool.

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see the peace, the motionlessness of the land, life is there, death is here, watch, wait, listen, nothing new, all of it old, always changing, not my fault for the change it just happens. blowing wind creates the excess memories, see it happen, but its to slow to see, speed it up twice again, still a thousand decades to long, ill be part of it soon enough.

hear the music

animals all around, yet you can not see any of them. Bright as day when its night, not possible without light. Motion all around, closing in with little fear. fire made brighter, keep them away. Flames crawling around to find the trouble.

hear the music

plants growing without water, see the miracle if you have the time, if not come back and see the change. It dropped from my pocket left there thousands of decades, buried again and again, not by dirt or sand, buried by concrete and metal, a thousand miles high.

hear the music

cars racing, trucks slowing, people walking, buildings growing taller by the minute.

life is at its peak but no one notices, so now they're all dead.

the music is silence

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the only thing on my mind

My jeep is in there somewhere and my work and a couple of books i've been reading, where and with whom I'm gonna live when my lease is up and my future occupational plans and where i want to live in the future and what kind of shoes to buy and a new TV, stereo entertainment center Im buying and who knows when i'll be done paying for it and how to get my hair cut. okay sex wasn't the only thing on my mind, but it was probably in the first place or maybe tied with what kind of shoes to buy. Don't worry though that one has been canceled since i bought some new shoes. So sex is now number one. That includes just being with you.

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This kind of poem is called a pantoum. Do you see the pattern?


In blistering heat haze you moved me

The shimmering pulse, oh, I cant bear it

And in a lazy shift my heart melts against the pavement

So tread softly now, and go home.

The shimmering. Pulse. Oh, I cant bear it.

As though each breath was filled with fluid

So tread, softly now andgo home.

I am withered, like the crone, spent, and tired.

As though each breath was filled with fluid

I gurgle in the gutter and whimper at your feet

I am withered, like the crone spent, and tired.

Stroked, by the sun, oh, leave me alone.

I gurgle in the gutter and whimper at your feet,

And in a lazy shift, my heart melts against the pavement

Stroked, by the sun, oh, leave me alone.

In a blistering heat haze, you moved me.

Kreeli, 2001

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Cheshire Girl

Ow! The way she strides across an ocean in paralyzing beauty!

The way she digs a thick hip into each of her steps

Im gonna fall over myself following her.

Woo, mama! Her stunning gaze is a binding contract!

Lids rimmed in dark black coal and languid blinks

Im ripped apart by her backwards glance.

Shee-it! Look at the way she leans across the sidewalk!

The hollow under her arm is shady, smooth, cool

Shes perfected the art of infatuation.

There! See how the city pauses around her; her body wades

Through a sea of malcontents, a Cheshire Girl

Her grinoh! The state Im in.

The state Im in.


The state Im in.

Kreeli, 2001

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ode to the boy who sent me pictures of his friends guinea pig

He is very silly, and he can be scruffy and cute

And he lives in ocean beach to boot!


by, Avalon

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I have an extreme urge to put myself into a big vat of nothingness and stir myself into oblivion until time reaches the end of the clock and it can no longer tell me the time for i am a free flowing entity devoid of the realness of life and all the boundries that it posses.

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quiet little kitty so sweet and pure. everybody loves you. At night i hear you playing. You keep me up all night long wanting to play. You scratch me and bite me. I should lock you in the closet but the constant whining i would hear keeps me from doing it. Sometimes death seems like a good option or even letting you run free. quiet little kitty so sweet and pure. everybody loves you. even me.

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This poem is really about a guy I know that tried to kill himself, and I was the only person he told. He got better though.

Fallen Angel

He never asked for this,

so why is he getting this?

Why does he feel so lonely

when he could have the world?

Maybe he'll get lucky

Maybe he'll get happy

Maybe he'll just leave this empty life.

Oh, how he'd love to

just fly away

To spread his broken wings

once more

and disappear.

He deserves better than this,

this life of devastation.

Oh, fallen angel

cry on my shoulder

I'd give you your own heaven

if I could.

Katherine Carr 2001
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