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So, this isn't a women-only topic, but I thought it might get some more attention here.

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A jury on Wednesday awarded a woman $1 million and her husband $500,000 in compensatory damages after finding that Wyeth's hormone replacement drug Prempro was a cause of her breast cancer.

The trial in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas now moves into a second phase to begin on October 12, in which the jury will decide whether Wyeth failed to warn of the dangers of Prempro.

The jury of five men and three women may award additional punitive damages if it finds Wyeth failed to warn. However, if it finds that the company adequately warned of the drug's risks no damages will be payable, including the compensatory damages awarded by the jury on Wednesday.
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I love how the spokesman says "We disagree that there is any scientific basis to support the jury's finding of a causal link between hormone replacement therapy and the plaintiff's breast cancer", but at the same time, the company relabeled all the drugs after a federal study showing that there WAS a link. The folks talk out of both sides of their mouth and then wonder why we don't trust them.
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