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I wonder if I should A) take off a few weeks into the wilderness, B) attend the wedding, stay in MI a while( this part would be nice) and then be dragged around to other side trips choosen by my parents c) try and get a new outside job since Aldis happens to be hiring or D) Try and get to the suppliers somehow and make 100 more canldes for selling. I really use a closer wax supplier then the place in Albany.<br><br><br><br>
The first two options would require rehoming of the mice, that's tricky because it involves time consuming advertising online and I don't have home internet or a working monitor.<br><br><br><br>
I like experiencing something other then here so going to MI is attractive, on the otber hand I'll get dragged off to OH so maybe earning some money and then moving to where I want to spend time and doing just what I want would be far more attractive. On the other hand, I'm far from being guaranteed a new job/source of income so I might just end up sitting around in VT and regretting that I didn't attend the wedding of my cousin or spend time in MI.<br><br><br><br>
A wilderness trek would be more difficult, maybe impossible with nobody around to pick me up or move my car once in a while. Plus if my chronic illness flares up I might have to leave the trail earlier then expected since I can't carry my pack around with the belly pain.<br><br><br><br>
Earning money would be awfully nice but then I'd be tied down and unable to leave a few weeks to go to the wedding. When my parents go to MI with relalatives, they don't want to just rush home, they're retired and those are my father's relatives plus the OH thing, I bet I won't be back in three or four weeks.<br><br>
Of course there's no way of knowing if I get the job and then get fired again before it starts. Jobs are too uncertain to make plans around, I've learned that hard leason a few times.<br><br><br><br>
I just found out yesterday after this has been dragged out a long time when I would start my new job that I no longer have a job with them. I might in a few monthes but right now they don't have any product demos despite those promising emails they sent me. A darned shame since that's a well paying job that'd pay like $60 a day.<br><br><br><br>
As for selling cvandles, I don't know how I can get to the suppliers and I need large selling volumes or it's not worth paying my farmers market table.<br><br>
Profits will be sliim as is, that's assuming it's isn't a business dud and nothing sells and I have to pay the table anyways.<br><br><br><br>
Better decide something in the next few days since I already told my parents I'm not attending the wedding due to my job oppertunity and the weddings already like a week away. I wish plans could be made and stay put, but I guess being flexiable and making new plans when old ones fail is part of normal life.
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