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I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last night at the cheap theater. My friend next to me kept pointing out similarities to parts of the Star Wars movies, and I had to agree. Since Pirates will most certainly be a trilogy (at least), it bears comparison.

Which do you like better, given that no one has seen the third Pirates movie yet, and we now have six Star Wars movies?

Star Wars, Episodes 4-6 are my favorites. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the Pirates movies, Star Wars still gets my vote. IMHO Star Wars has more intellectual content that a person can mull over later. There are more layers to Star Wars theology/philosophy. Pirates is kind of like... Oooooh bad things are happening, it's because of a curse, gotta fix it. It seems somewhat simplistic compared to Star Wars.

Light saber to cutlass, duel it out.
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