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Japans tsunami seems to have succeeded where years of boycotts, protests and high-seas chases by Western environmentalists had failed in knocking out a pillar of the nations whaling industry. Ayukawahama was one of only four communities in Japan that defiantly carried on whaling and eating whales as a part of the local culture, even as the rest of the nation lost interest in whale meat.

So central is whaling to the local identity that many here see the fate of the town and the industry as inextricably linked.

This could be the final blow to whaling here, said Makoto Takeda, a 70-year-old retired whaler. So goes whaling, so goes the town.
This is amazing news! Well... Mostly.

It's hard to be too overjoyed about people going hungry in their wrecked village, but at the same time at least something good has come out of their disaster. This could be a chance for the people of Ayukawa to rebuild their economy based on something besides whale slaughter, I can only hope all those families will be able to move on and find a new way of life.

It is unfortunate that nothing new can be built without first destroying an old way of life, but that's no more a reason to preserve this whaling culture than it would have been to continue keeping other humans as slaves for the sake of the economy.
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