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January Challenge

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As far as I can see, October was the last time we had a challenge up! Sorry, guys. I'm starting this one for anyone who wants to join.

For those of you not familiar with the monthly challenge, members interested in changing their health, weight, exercise, etc often post their goals and track their progress here.

I'm still deciding on my goals for January (and for the year) and I won't have control over what I eat, nor a place to exercise, for at least another week. But I'll post my goals then, if I have internet by that point.

Happy 2012, everyone!
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Day two of incorporating weights into my routine!

So far I've been REALLY good about NOT using the cold weather as an excuse to eat, watch tv, and be lazy!
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Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo I got a dietician and she is amazed that I wanted to improve my weight and lose it and health and she is impressed that I want to have a Veg diet some day, so we are making progress here, she wants me to eat more salads, fruits and veggies and more healthy things.

This morning I moved my exercise bike downstairs near to the TV so I can use it more often.
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Ok maybe it wasn't salt deficiency. Sent home work cos I'm a mess, on a massive binge feat feeling sorry for myself.
Not surprisingly I gained that 4 pounds back, plus a bit more it seems
It's uncomfortable being a stone heavier than I usually am.
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I just got back from WW and I lost 4.2. Last week was .6. I am still not exercising, but at least my weight is coming down. Yeah!

I wanted to be about 199lbs when I go to my dietation in the end of March.I also want to eat healthy.
Feeling a bit better - cough is almost gone and my rib isn't as painful.
Slept in today, though, so I probably won't end up exercising. But I was wiped out from needing 47 hours get home thanks to the Middle East version of snowpocalypse on Sunday... it should only take me 6 hours to cross the country by car!!
But anyway, I'm home, I've got tons of veggies, and as long as I'm not still super worn out tomorrow (which I don't think I will be) I'll work out in the morning.
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I'm eating pretty healthily lately, much better than usual. Unfortunately that has the side effect that I'm carrying around a massive gas baby all the time. Hopefully when the bloat passes, I'll have lost a couple more pounds.

I've been feeling like crap and my knees are screwed so no running recently. Hope to get back on track tomorrow. I walk a lot but it's not the same. I'd like to get lean again more than lose pounds.
Hi, fellow healthy-eaters-exercise people!
I've been doing really well, food-wise and exercise-wise...still trying to suck down all that water. Ugh. It's harder in the winter. I'd rather have hot beverages like tea or coffee, but I'm working on it. Had my weigh-in on Tuesday and I was up .6 of a pound, but I wasn't too upset because it's that time of the month. Usually, I gain 3 to 5 pounds during it, so I consider this a small victory
. I did 60 minutes on the treadmill this morning, and I'm trying to add minutes to my workouts all week because I'll be traveling this weekend with few options for getting a walk in. Going to see Tool in back-to-back concerts! Thankfully, I'm doing all the driving so I won't indulge in alcohol and all those nasty calories that go with it ;-).
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I was sick all last week and didn't exercise, but I still lost a pound.

I was back in the gym on Monday, and despite very sore leg muscles, returned again today for an awesome workout.
Overslept again today, so I didn't exercise this morning. About to go start chores for the day, and if I have time/energy after I'll exercise. I think I'll have the time, I just have to get myself to actually use that time properly!
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I did great yesterday in terms of diet... until dinner
By the time I got back home from visiting my sister and her 2 newborns, I was starving. I had 3 tacos and nachos, followed by an apple pie caramel apple, peppermint candies, and more junk food. It continued until bed. It's okay though, I'm actually doing better overall.
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Mmmmm, apple pie.....

I have done great so far today. I did 60 minutes on the treadmill in my continuing quest to train for my Colorado hike (and lose weight as well), and I've been tracking my food and activity. Off to get a huge glass of water!
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The apple pie caramel apple is amazing! I would get fat for it any day
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That's how I feel about french fries and vegan buffalo nuggets! I could eat them every day.
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That's how I feel about the buffalo wings my work has (they're not vegan, but veggie).
I love fries too.
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This is turning into a food porn thread.

Not that I mind though.
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How do you think we ended up in this thread in the first place? We're foodies, we can't help it
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Didn't exercise yesterday - I had time, I just plain forgot.
And when I remembered, I had no motivation because my gas cylinder is empty, meaning no heat.

But I've set the cylinder near the door so when I hear the gas man come by I can rush outside.

Regardless, I DID exercise today, for about half an hour. My heart rate was up, but I barely sweat at all because the room was 10 degrees celsius (50F). Does it count as a workout if you don't sweat? Haha.

Also doing well on food today. I had three kiwis, two small bananas, and a small handful of almonds for breakfast. Currently making pasta with sauteed zucchini and tomatoes and a raw red pepper/coconut soup - assuming I can get the coconut open!
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Yeah, sometimes I don't sweat either when I lift weights.
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