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I'm joining in-I really need to get things under control! When I became a vegetarian this past fall I was working on losing 15lbs of stubborn baby fat (I had three kids all 22 months a part and that did not help the weight lol). Well, December was BAD for eating-I stayed within the vegetarian diet but ate so many carby foods that I gained 3lbs eek! So now I'm 18lbs away from my goal wait bleh.

January goals:
-cut back on soda and drink water religiously (at least 8 glasses a day)
-do a Leslie Sansone workout video 3 times a week
-take 2 long walks a week (at least a mile long)
-lose 1-2lbs a week
-cut way back on carb loaded food-especially pasta and bagels
-eat breakfast everyday
-up the fruit and veggie consumption big time
1 - 1 of 100 Posts
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