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This is perfect, so glad I found it, I need this!

1. Stop drinking all non-diet sodas. (February will be no soda at all - well, except for vodka-(club)sodas
2. Follow my walk/run plan I printed off from Women's Health - it's a 6 week walk/run and strength training program that gets me to where I can run for 30 minutes nonstop. I used to run cross-country in high school...then college came and I discovered beer and gained 10 lbs and got WAY out of shape. Now I probably couldn't run for more than a few minutes without stopping. So I'm really going for the full overhaul!
3. Cook more! And cook real stuff - I tend to go the mac n cheese route a lot being a poor college student. Also I crave junk food. More beans/grains/fruits/veggies, less processed stuff.
4. Lose 3-5 lbs (I want to lose all 10 I gained since freshman year of college by spring break) - beach bod here I come!

Long-term, I want to lose a little more than the 10 lbs I gained from college (read: beer
). I want to be fit like I was in high school when I ran and swam all the time. I struggle though, because back then it wasn't "working out" - it was just after-school practice. Working out just feels like a chore to me and I need serious motivation to make myself go. You'd think my skinny-minny self in all my high school pictures would convince me...
1 - 1 of 100 Posts
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