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This article details only the most current--and threatening--developments in the US government's attempts to control the internet. Please read this and then do whatever you deem fit:

Wyden: Protect IP Act may pass if Americans dont call Congress

The other side, all of these lobbies, the content industry, is enormously powerful, Wyden said. Theyve spent hundreds of millions over the last few years in politics. They are very, very connected.

It is hard to accurately state how influential they are, he went on. [This lobby] has a history of making statements that are anti-innovation. It was not long ago when the motion picture industry said in a widely-viewed public forum that the VCR was to the movie industry what the Boston strangler was to women home alone. So, were up to a very savvy, very well financed lobby, and suffice it to say, these kinds of issues are a bit technical until people see whats really at stake, which is a free and fair Internet.

I also want to be sure you're aware of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which has long been involved in activism for internet freedom:
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