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Is there any truth to this?

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Canola oil is found in most of the vegan foods I eat, and it is my favorite oil to cook with. Then I found this:

I am really freaking out now. It doesn't seem legit, but I won't rest easy tonight.
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Canola oil is vegan, it's from rapeseeds I believe. It's just not very healthy.
I wouldn't freak out unfortunately almost anything conventional will have some sort of animal by product in it! Billions of animals are slaughtered each year what do you think the farmers do with the dead bodies, crush the up the bones to make more powder for flour and sugar, hell if you drive a car guess what there's animal by products in the rubber of the wheels! I just use organic olive oil for everything it's expensive but worth it...
Follow the links in the last answer. Most of the claims in the other answers come from a viral email and are debunked in those links.

The "not vegetarian" claim isn't addressed, but considering that absolutely nothing is given to support the claim I don't see much to worry about.

Interesting ... just stumbled on a bunch of pages on whether canola is kosher. Apparently it is kosher most of the time for some Jews and all of the time for others. Which is interesting because if it contained material harvested from a pig it would not be kosher for any Jew ever. says canola oil is vegan here. They go into some detail about production methods, so I think they would have noticed pig thyroid additives.

Here are the steps in canola oil manufacture. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to add the pig thyroid.
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The first warning should have been that it was posted to Yahoo Answers...
One of the most notoriously bad sources of info on the internet.
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It's just not very healthy.
As far as oils go, canola is one of the best choices due to the high omega-3 content.

A trend I've noticed is that a lot of the foods that make a somewhat unique and positive contribution to plant-based diets get ripped on, its as if someone is trying to make it harder to thrive on plant-based diets.
LOL about yahoo answers, i go there for the fun of the answers not to rely on it….. everything in moderation is fine.
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