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Is there a vegan version of Lucky Charms?

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My favorite cereal since childhood is Lucky Charms. Now that I don't eat meat, I can't eat Lucky Charms because of the marshmallows.

Is there a cereal similar to Lucky Charms that uses vegan marshmallows? Or does anyone know how to make vegan marshmallows crunchy like the ones in Lucky Charms? Someone suggested freeze drying them, but I'm looking for conformation that's how to make them crunchy.

See where I'm going with this? If there was some way I could take the vegan mini marshmallows in my cabinet, make them crunchy, then I could take a tasty vegan cereal, add the vegan marshmallows, and enjoy.

This is a real problem for me. Giving up meat, I never thought I'd have to give up Lucky Charms. They're magically delicious!
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Unfortunately, there is no vegan version of Lucky Charms available on the market. However, there are a few vegan marshmallow brands that make vegan versions of Lucky Charms-style cereals. Brands like Nature's Path and GoOrganic make vegan marshmallow cereals that are similar in texture and taste to Lucky Charms.
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