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In America about 50% of cane sugar is put through bone char (a by product of slaughterhouses). Even 'brown sugar' can be from this process, getting it's color from molasses.
Raw sugar, organic sugar, or pure cane juice is vegan.
All beet sugar is vegan not needing to go through filtering.

I buy Pioneer brand sugar. It's on that list, although the bag doesn't specify beet. Cane sugar is often preferred by some due to it's something something having to do with baking. I can't tell.

It's rare that I buy treats that are vegan other than not knowing the source of sugar, and I don't really let myself care. Like Oreos.

It does vary in other countries, like I know the UK doesn't do that.
Is it the same in Canada as it is in the US? Do you know.
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