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People ask me if I'm a dog or a cat person, and that's kind of like saying 'are you a potato starch cheese pizza person or a coconut ice cream person' Like. I enjoy both a lot. But if you held a gun to my head and made me choose, I'd give you an equally as confounding answer- I like dogs that act like cats, and cats that act like dogs.

Catlike dogs:

Grey Hound, Borzoi, Afghan Hound, Havanese

Doglike cats:

Siamese, Ragdoll, Main Coon

There are lots of others, if you Google the question. But these are my favorite.

I've petsitted sight hounds and Siamese, and now I own a Siamese (not that I think intentionally owning cats is technically defensible through a vegan ethical lens, she just popped into my life randomly and smashed my resolve, ok?)

These are a perfect balance- they will not demand your attention and bother you all day and bounce off the walls, nor will they disappear so you don't see them for days at a time. They ask for affection politely and are ok if you're busy or distracted. :3
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