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i joined a few days ago and read some of the posts here, well, i like it

i'm a fruitistican, i think it is a good summary of what is my lifestyle. i guess not many know it so let me let you know about it; here is the manifesto:


Humanity as the plague of Earth

Humanity had grown then spread herself

By spreading herself Humanity had so many paths

Humanity decided to take - to steal - to destroy - to kill!

Humanity said she had no other choices

In one way this is true

Humanity got stuck in her disease


she had no soul

Humanity had no vision and comprehension of respect for life

Humanity had grown the vision and comprehension of power

Humanity had grown HER vision of HER OWN dominance over creation

Humanity had become the plague of Earth

Humanity will follow what her ancestors taught her

Humanity will keep her delusion

Humanity will teach the new born to follow her leads

Humanity will make them thoughtless - soulless - heartless

As the Plague - Humanity will never stop by herself

As the Plague - Humanity will blindly infect everyone

Do we need to light a fire on a warm dry summer day?


ONE in the WEST

Mental attraction through space - times - ages

Calling each other

receiving each other

from within this vast darkness

we have been sick

we have suffered loss

we have known the pain

the pain inflicted upon earth by us


Ignoring the process

Ignoring existence

But still following the same guide line

To reach the same heaven

ONE day so apart

ONE day so close

Giving birth

Still ignoring existence

Expecting the connexion

Fighting for fake lovers

unknown to one another

we have felt joy

we have built our lives

we have sought our future

Believing every feeling

But always disappointed...

...'til now... for...


a cure for Humanity exists..

in this head is a voice


a voice..

whose voice is this..

that is slowly breathing


the voice of


i hope it was not too long to read & that you enjoyed it

Well, if you want to know more, just check the website.
"Men dig their graves with their own teeth and die more by those fated instruments than by the weapons of their ennemies."

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Interesting. Hi, and welcome! I've always thought of humanity as a cancer or as consumption. We will eat away at ourselves, causing our own demise.

Yea, I'm a jolly one

I'm just glad for forums like this where I can have some faith in people!

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Hello and welcome. Your website looks really nice.

I try not to dwell too much on the negative view of humanity, but I can understand that pov for sure.

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Welcome, but no offense, the manifesto is sexist. Since when was humanity ever a Her? Humanity is an IT. I took offense to that as it implies that it is a female humankind problem... and as we all know women have NOT shaped the direction of humanity...

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Thank you so much for your welcoming messages

Shewolf, i'm sorry you took this manifesto as sexist, for it is not the aim at all!

One point is i've always felt so bad because of all these people who treat animals as IT, and to me, IT is appropriated to a vase, a fork, or anyTHING, not person!

Ok, let me give you my view of the use of s/he & it...

I would like to first define these 3 words relating to people & things: it - He & She. Taking my second edition of the advanced learner's dictionary of current english, here are the definitions...

IT: pron. (pl. they them) use of lifeless things, of animals (when sex is unknown or unimportant) and of a baby or small child when the sex is unknown or a matter of indifference.

HE: pron. male person or animal previously referred to.

SHE: pron. female person, ect., previously referred to.

Now we can have a look at the definition of male & female...

Female: adj. 1) of the sex that produces offspring. 2) of women.

Female: n person, animal, ect.

Male: adj. of the sex that does not give birth to offspring; opp. of female.

Male: n. person, animal, ect.

So here is the point! Female: adj. 1) of the sex that produces offspring. 2) of women.

Especially when considering human animals & non human animals as people. i believe this is a point out of discussion as it has been validated for such a long time. The point might still be dark for plants, but i believe they are people and would like to make it clear later.

Anyway... anyone/thing able to give birth is considered as a SHE. So why would we make that person IT? We know who is able to give birth, don't we? A human woman can have kids, an animal woman can have kids, then if SHE is steril, is SHE considered as an IT? NEVER! Then, a plant gives birth to other plants, thanks to the seeds spread. A plant is then a SHE. Going further, any word that includes both males & females, has the potential to give birth she [ i'm using she for word because a word gives birth to texts - poetry - ideas - ect.] then has to be called SHE.

The dangerous word HUMANITY used in the manifesto is a SHE because of her huge potential of giving birth... well, SHE has... is & will... then i hope this manifesto will be a SHE for giving birth to many ideas and thoughts...

i really hope you get my view of this use of these 3.

if anyone feels like discussion this manifesto and the other topics of FRUITISTICA you can go to

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