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Hi everyone,

I found this board by mistake but I'm glad to be here! I've been veggie since 1997 after being a life long carnivore. I love animals and always felt like a hypocrite for eating meat, and a few things happened within a matter of weeks that gave me the kick in the butt I needed to switch

I've been veggie for 10 years now and am really happy to see many vegetarian products on the market. I'm addicted to Yves' Chicken Souvlaki. Some of their other products need work, but the Chicken Souvlaki is perfect, LOL!

My favourite store is in Ajax, Ontario, called Almost Perfect. They have lots of Yves' products on sale because the expiry date is near. This week, I bought a bag of 10 Yves products, 9 souvlaki/satays and 1 Bavarian sausage pack for $4.99! I use the Satay for stir fries. The sausages I don't like so much.
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