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Im new and wanted to share my journey to vegetarianism and veganism!

In 2007 (Jan-April) I took a course in zoology... it was dumbed down for arts students, counting as a science credit. One of the topics we covered was domestication, and we looked at factory farms, things like that... that sparked the idea for me to go vegetarian, but I wasnt ready to do it overnight. Anyway I basically knew that it would happen at some point soon...

Then in May 2007 I went out west to Alberta to work in a rocky mountain resort! Great! One day I went out in a field of cows in a 4x4. I had never come so close to them before, seeing little babies running to their moms because they were scared of the noise of the vehicle... just being so close to the cows and realizing, hey! They are sentient beings! Why am I making them food? After that moment, I decided to be a vegetarian. I cut out chicken and beef basically overnight. I was raised as a Muslim so I never grew up with pig products. The only thing I had a hard time giving up was fish. I continued to eat sushi for two more months (probably only two or three times during that time) and then I gave that up too.

Once I let go of those foods, it was very easy for me to maintain. I didnt crave them or anything. Then I saw Earthlings. Dang. I never cried so much!! I couldnt even watch the whole film in one sitting, I had to stop and go back to it a month later. If I wasnt already a vegetarian, that would have convinced me! It did convince me to go vegan...

From there I went vegan on and off... allowing myself to give into cravings when feeling down.

However, Ive maintained a vegan diet for the last 3 months and have had no cravings whatsoever! Im feeling great and loving life, happy that no animals have to suffer for me to thrive!

Thanks for having me here
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