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At one time I had a My Yahoo feature that I think was run from a Gm script, but could have been some AJAX-ified thing that Yahoo just doesn't do anymore. Basically, it let you preview the first 25 or so words of a story by hovering over the source headline. Didn't work for all headline sources, but it did work for most RSS feeds you could add to your page.

A few days ago I notice it's not functional for any headlines. In the past if it got wonky, just clearing the Firefox cache, history, and reloading the page would fix it. Now no amount of cleaning and reloading will bring it back. So I looked over my installed scripts list and the only thing Yahoo related was a the one that lets you preview message contents straight from your inbox, no ad strip scripts or other page element removal tools at all. Then I spent a while digging through looking for something that might have been the one. No luck.

The screen cap shows what should happen when this feature is working, and I want it back because it's wonderful. Why it only works now when you hover over an audio icon is really confusing. Any thoughts?
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