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Yesterday I mentioned having a problem with my user name, and I was promptly informed that as a CM I could have it changed. I quickly jumped at this great opportunity. This was a wonderful thing as I am no longer reminded of my ex-idiot when I log in.

Here is where the smart bit comes in ...

So today (post-name change) I am reading a thread in which I previously posted
I see a post by "SquarePeg," read it and think, "Hey! I said the same thing earlier. Cool!"

Then I realized ... I am SquarePeg.

Yup. I am so smart.

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I do the same thing! And I've never even changed my name! Especially since I juggle going on this forum and another forum (where I have a different username), then I get really confused. Sometimes I'll think the same as you about the content of the post, but others I'll see my avatar and think, "hey, they got a picture of my dog and are using it as their avatar!
" and get all angry until I realize I'm on veggieboards and don't have a Disney avatar here.
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