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I'm new. Critique my diet

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Hi all,

I've been mostly a vegetarian for years. Here's my current diet.


Coffee with whole milk. Spenda or nutrasweet. No sugar.

Evening meal:

--Lima beans, frozen
--Broccoli, frozen or fresh
--Carrots, boiled for a few minutes
--Extra virgin olive oil, California certified
--Brown rice

No salt or anything else added.

After dinner snack:

--Sugar-free plain whole wheat squares
--Banana, fresh
--Blueberries, fresh from produce aisle
--Whole milk

No sugar or anything else added.

A couple handfuls of lightly salted or unsalted peanuts


--Vitamin C
--B complex supplement

I have high blood pressure (inherited)

I usually eat once a day, in the evening, except for my morning coffee. Maybe four or five cups of whole milk a day, with an occasional spoonful of honey.

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The only people who should be critiquing your diet are registered dieticians, not internet strangers.
The only people who should be critiquing your diet are registered dieticians, not internet strangers.
I disagree.
Whether you have a diploma to prove your knowledge means little, as what is commonly taught is more often than not false.
And, whether you do not know someone personally does not change their knowledge, or ability to deceive you, themselves, or to give honest advice.

Let all advice & critique come & do your own research, then, from all of the information combined make a decision.
Gradually evolve that decision, as you absorb more information & experience.
I recommend eating twice per day, and gradually decreasing to eating once per day.
Hunger is extremely important, as many of the body's systems are asleep unless you feel it.
It takes a bit of getting used to, hence why it should be done gradually.
David Sinclair, a top scientist in the field of prolonging life is a great source of knowledge for this.

Coffee with whole milk. Spenda or nutrasweet. No sugar.
--Whole milk
If you mean animal milk, I would advise removing this altogether.
It has been scientifically proven by various prestigious organizations that this actually weakens your bones.
It does have calcium, but it also has some very negative components.
The problem with the common knowledge of diary being healthy is false marketing.
It has been done for a long time, by none other than the industry that makes profit from it.

No salt or anything else added.
Rock salt is unhealthy, however, sea salt is very healthy.
Your cells need salt to 'communicate'.
I would go as far as putting just a pinch of salt in every glass of water you drink.
I have been doing that for a while and I have seen great improvement in motor function.
Though I could not be bothered to continue, so I just make sure I put salt in all food I eat.
I reckon I will be back to the water bit in the future though. - Focusing on too many new habits right now, hehe. 😁

--Blueberries, fresh from produce aisle
Blueberries are a great choice.
I also recommend Sweet Potatoes from America,
or just ordinary potatoes if those are easier to acquire.
Potatoes have all sorts of components your body needs.
I also recommend Kale, Spinach & Tomatoes, for various benefits.
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Oh and, nuts!
Lots & lots of various nuts! :D

Almond nuts, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, etc.
Just make sure you have no allergies.
B12 highly recommended as well.

Sugar-free plain whole wheat squares
The human stomach can not process wheat properly, and a residue is left in the body.
There are very healthy grains out there, I have not looked too much into that, but I have learned that wheat is horrible for us.
Whatever makes you feel, think, and/or be good can be increased safely. Only you can know this for yourself as we have biochemical individuality. Or maybe this whole thing is just vague and on alternate frequencies. lol. Have fun.
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