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i'm goin' off the paxil and i'm goin' insa-a-a-ane

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day four with no paxil. things aren't looking so good from here. there really should be laws about this stuff - that and warnings about what trying to get off this devil's drug does to people before prescribing it. this is my second attempt - the first time i only lasted about two days before hopping back on the paxil train. anyone interested in the hell i am currently living in can visit

i am presently self medicating with soy delicious chocolate obsession. had to leave work today. would like to leave life and hide under the covers for eternity. tried that but couldn't sleep. bawling my eyes out.

began this nightmare because i was under an extreme amount of stress after beautiful baby was born. couldn't handle it and started getting angry. loved baby too much to not do anything and so agreed to the paxil. breastfed while on it. "horrible mother" comments can ensue - i deserve it.

don't know where i'm going to go from here... st. john's wort? valarian? those comfy white rooms where the walls are all padded and the required dress code includes jackets that do up in the back?
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I used to take Paxil. They say it's horrible for your heart. And yes, when I came off it (I lowered my doses gradually) I felt like I was going nuts. It was such a surreal experience.

Recently, I was on Xanax. Coming off that wasn't as bad as the Paxil, but I still had a bit of, erm...insanity. I am actually supposed to still be on it, but I started flushing the pills down the toilet when my mom tried to force me to take it (I have bad anxiety...well, I did). The long and short of it is, medicine is just handed out like candy, and things that mess with the chemicals in your brain should not be taken as lightly as they are. They are not cure-alls.

Paxil is horrible and should be illegal. I hate it.
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