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I'm a failure (unable to grow herbs on windowsill).

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I've tried to grow some herbs in my windowsill but they never sprout or anything. What could I be doing wrong? I've tried put them in egg cartons, I've tried putting them in a paperbowl, both of which had draining holes. I watered them everyday. Does anybody have any tips?
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My herbs crapped out this year. Last year they did fine. Maybe by some seedlings??

I grow them in flowerpots. You could try that, too.
Well most herb seeds need about 60F to 70F to germinate did they get enough heat ? and for long enough period . I see you are in mid season , normally you kick them of in spring . So maybe do what Rabid suggested and get some seedlings .....belive me , there is nothing like your own little herb garden for cooking
Take some of ours. XDD

They exploded this year and you can't even see half of the brick path or the rock wall anymore. They seem to love the moist weather we get.
Maybe you are watering them too much? When I used to grow basil, I put clingfilm over the top of the tray to keep them warm and moist until they sprouted.
I agree with Black Heart - it sounds like you are watering them too much.

Even when herbs are growing well, they often don't need too much water. Just think of the countries and places they grow in wildly - often hot and not a lot of rain.

I had a friend who bought seedling after seedling, even full grown pots of herbs and killed 'em all. When I took a look at how wet she kept them it was clear why they'd died.

Which herbs are you trying to grow?
Last time I tried was early in the spring. I do think I was watering them too much. How often should I water them?

The herbs I was growing were oregano, parsley and chives.

I want to try it again but I think it is too late in the season.
Some herbs will grow through the winter if they get enough sun. I'm not sure which ones, though. Some herbs might need a period of dormancy in winter.

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The herbs I was growing were oregano, parsley and chives.
Parsley should do okay. Chives is often recommended as a windowsill herb, too. Oregano likes it a bit drier than the others, I think, but I really can't say whether or not you overwatered them, since that would depend on the size of the pot, how warm it was, and how much light they were getting.
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