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Facebook event page:
Wedrose Acres in Gridley, IL:

I just heard about this last week, and it sounds just so amazing I HAVE to see if I can go. I love bike riding and have often thought of crazy 1000-3000+ mile cross country bike rides and whatnot, though 70 miles is a biiiiiit more realistic for me.

Here's some of the info (formatted by me since it's clustered on the event page):
Please Join us for Our Super Fun 2nd Annual Fundraising BikeRide..this year we will be biking approximately 35 miles each day on the Beautiful IL Prairie Path from Aurora to Maywood with turnaround points & Awesome Vegan Rest/Snack stops cheered on by our wonderful Vegan community of Volunteers approximately each 10 miles along our WELL MARKED route..

Ride at your own pace, turn around wherever you feel you should or join us to ride to the end & Couchsurf at a wonderful friend's home where we will feast VEGAN Style & Celebrate! Then share an Amazing Communal Energizing Vegan breakfast with us, grab your sack lunch & treats & ride back on the gorgeous Painted with Fall colors Trail on Sunday with us

** Or You definitely could just ride one day & join us later in the day for the Spectacular Vegan Celebration**

Last year everyone who came Raved about our event & It was a Blast!! Don't miss it!!! Your Being there this year will Improve it Even More! Suggested donation of $75 per rider guarantees you a Super cool Vegan giftbag jampacked full of Vegan Awesomeness, a raffle ticket for Incredible Vegan friendly prizes & Our Incredible Vegan Treats/Feast/Celebration/OverNite Festivities!! This is My Answer to the 2 & 3 day walks for Breast Cancer which are Put on by Big Pharma
Soooo, Before I went Vegan..I worked hard & raised $2000 on my own for the Susan G Komen society which sucks as I found out later it funded animal research
so I wanted to create a cruelty free 2 day Active Vegan event fundraiser.....

We will be gathering in Aurora at 1200pm to check in, practice some Yoga stretches & then start our bikeride by 1230pm. We are asking a donation of $75 each, more if you can, less if you cannot, to Benefit Wedrose Acres rescued Animal residents.

***PLEASE Do not decide not to go on this ride due to the level of donations requested Please Join us Regardless..ALL are Welcome! However, If you donate at least $20 you will get an Awesome Vegan feast afterwards as well as share in our overnite festivities! If you donate $75 or more you will receive Delicious free Vegan meals & an overnite at the end of our first day & an AMAZING Vegan Giftbag Stuffed full of Awesome Vegan treats & merchandise plus a Free Raffle ticket for Super Cool Vegan prizes! If you donate $100 you will receive 5 additional raffle tickets & a free Wedrose Acres limited edition tshirt created by Chicago's very own Eco print shop, Replica Chicago!! Please write 2 checks ($60 tax deductible to Wedrose Acres & $15 to me to pay our chef) or give cash, thanks!! This is the Much preferred method of donation, please.
Some testimonials from last year's ride are on the Facebook page. This sounds super cool.
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