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Hi, all, I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a good way to get herbal supplements that help to treat ICV syndrome/malfunction. I've been suffering for years and just figured out what it is that's been causing me so much pain. I know that staying away from chocolate, coffee, alcohol, spicey foods, nuts, popcorn, and raw fruits and veggies is what I'm supposed to be doing. But this is crazy!!! I guess they do say to only cut out the raw foods for a little while, but still-- what do I eat in the meantime? And how do I supplement my diet? What foods are high in zinc that I can eat on this diet?

BTW, I'm looking for a chiropractic craniosacral therapist in or around Boulder that could help treat this as well, if anyone knows of any.

Sending love and thanks to my responders.....
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