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As soon as I post this I'm logging out of VB and disconnecting from the Internet and I shan't return until one week from this moment. So no chatting or IMing either.

It's primarily due to a deal I made with the Devil. It's a deal I feel I am obligated to keep (and to show that I am sometimes as good as my word).

It was at first just VB and chat, but I extended it to include no Internet at all (except checking my e-mail once a day in case a client or the college e-mails me).

So what'll I be doing for the week?

First, a lot of sleeping. Also, I have quite a few things to do that I have been neglecting. I need to do some writing, and write some songs that have been in my head for these past few weeks (I also need to get some decent guitar practice in). Umm..... some more sleeping. Probably a bit of spring cleaning, after which I'll sleep. And a bit of car maintenance (after which I'll drop it off at the mechanics who can fix my botched job). Then sleep.

I may even, for a change, go out to work at clients' offices, rather than do all my work at home (which I never really do anyway due to other distractions).

When I check my e-mail I'll also be updating my "blog" (web log), which is only new (hardly a thing there).

So that's all. See you in a week (unless I die or something before then).

Oh, and please make vegetarian/Fish jokes and comments on my behalf at every opportunity..... that is what I shall miss most.

Haha..... I just had a reminder pop-up on my computer saying "No VB/chat for a week" (was set before I upgraded to all Internet).

Okay, bye.

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Originally posted by Michael

Believe it or not Jon it happens all the time. But I think skylark is the only one that's actually stayed away as long as she's said and that's cause she had me ban her.
I was trying to make a fish joke

I recently said I'd be away for three months and actually stayed away four.
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