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If everyone went Veg

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I'm a proud vegetarian.. but lately i've been questioning somethings. Like what would happen if everyone went veg... there would be this huge excess of animals and where would the balance be. Like in India the people don't eat cows, and the cows just end up wandering around the streets, eating garbage, miserable and skinny. Is this what we want? How would that even work?

Just curious for other thoughts, I feel guilty promoting my veg beliefs when I myself are unsure about them..
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I think the biggest problems I see if everyone went veg would be medical products that are made of slaughterhouse by products and family farms such as ranches losing their livey hoods. I can see how people who live on ranches and possibly don't know any other way of living would feel very threatened.

Surplus animals would not be a problem among domesticated animals. Wild animals people hunt is a different story.
I could see some of these animals becoming companion animals during this phase. People already take in animals raised for meat sometimes and when there's much less of them,this might be much more possible.

More of the percentage wise could go to animal santuaries.
The male animals could be companions as well. Farm sanctuary has steers.

I mean people don't in general prefer female companion animals over males.
You mean to feed carnivorious animals?. Lab vat grown meat should satisfy the needs of most carnivorious animals.
Yes I think a few people would adopt roosters.

I had a liltte, white bantam rooster named Henry. I think he was from a egg layer breed and he was adorable. Come to think of it, he was among the more pleasent of the chickens I had and I wish I had him longer. Wild animals killed him.

A nice rooster makes just as good a companion as a hen so why not?.
For the people who would not want their omnivorious and carnivorious animals to go veg:

Would you support giving them lab grown meat or would you suggest a small meat industry keep going to feed these animals?.
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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