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Ideas on food (what to take on trip)

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I'm going to a leadership conference (from the 2nd-11th of July) and am concerned as to my nutrition when staying there.

I am almost vegan (I still eat small amounts of cheese I'm trying to stop it completely). I only had the option to check off Vegetarian under the meal selection form.... but, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be anything that I can eat.....

What would you suggest bringing? (We're staying in dorm rooms so, it's gotta be small).

I am willing to cook food (that won't spoil) before hand but, I don't have access to anything to heat food up when I'm finally there. (and no fridge.)

What would you suggest?
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I was just in that situation this past weekend, except I was on a weekend trip with a friend. We were at their lakehouse and basically all they eat around there is fast food, ice cream bars, and cookies...exactly what I won't eat! So I actually brought a whole bag of food for the few days I was there, and here are some ideas:

English muffin

sandwich baggie of oatmeal, one serving's worth

two slices of bread (To put peanut butter in between)

animal crackers



carton of soymilk

baggies of dry cereal

make rice at home and keep it in a tupperware type container - you can even eat it cold if needed

raw carrots

tortillas, to put salsa or "whatever" in (if you have a fridge)
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