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Ideas on food (what to take on trip)

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I'm going to a leadership conference (from the 2nd-11th of July) and am concerned as to my nutrition when staying there.

I am almost vegan (I still eat small amounts of cheese I'm trying to stop it completely). I only had the option to check off Vegetarian under the meal selection form.... but, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be anything that I can eat.....

What would you suggest bringing? (We're staying in dorm rooms so, it's gotta be small).

I am willing to cook food (that won't spoil) before hand but, I don't have access to anything to heat food up when I'm finally there. (and no fridge.)

What would you suggest?
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Cereals and single serving soymilks.


Home made tea breads such as banana or lemon.

Whole grain breads.

If there is hot water then there are all kinds of hiking foods that only require hot water to rehydrate, a bit more variety then cuppa noodle soups but not anything you would want to live on a long time.

Assume that you will get some veg food since you chose that option then boost your grain and protein content. My experience with instutional vegetarian is that it is mostly white rice or pasta and steamed or fried vegetables. Eat loads of oatmeal (also a hot water item) in the AM. There is always Luna bars and their ilk.

You look like a cowboy (my assumption that you are American), so I am wondering why this would be scheduled over a major holiday?
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