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Ideas on food (what to take on trip)

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I'm going to a leadership conference (from the 2nd-11th of July) and am concerned as to my nutrition when staying there.

I am almost vegan (I still eat small amounts of cheese I'm trying to stop it completely). I only had the option to check off Vegetarian under the meal selection form.... but, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be anything that I can eat.....

What would you suggest bringing? (We're staying in dorm rooms so, it's gotta be small).

I am willing to cook food (that won't spoil) before hand but, I don't have access to anything to heat food up when I'm finally there. (and no fridge.)

What would you suggest?
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There's a bunch of vegetarian restaurants in Boston and the supermarkets around here all have health food sections, so you should be ok.

For veg. restaurants, there's Buddha's Delight in Chinatown, Country Life on High St, Grasshopper in the Allston/Brighton area, and Veggie Planet in Harvard Square. Also on certain days you can get veg food from the Hare Krishna temple and the Buddhist Cultural Center.

Here's a link with information for more restaurants:
Definitely let the organizers know that you're a veg*n and find out what kind of food will be offered so you know if you have to bring food with you and/or pick it up when you get into town.

Colleges these days almost always have a big salad bar, so that should be good for a few meals at least. Most offer veggie burgers somewhere on the cafeteria menu, too. Snacks are a definite must. Whatever you can't fit in your bags, you can easily pick up when you get in town. It's very easy to be a veg here. Though, as a warning, the "vegetarians eat fish" myth is very prevalent around here, since so many people here are Catholic and have the "no meat Fridays but fish is ok mentality."

I only suggested the restaurants as an idea, because you could be on your own for a few meals and a good veg restaurant might be needed.
I've learned my lesson, especially at non-veg Asian restaurants around here, that even though you request the food without certain ingredients made from animals, you still get what you didn't want in your food.
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