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Ideas on food (what to take on trip)

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I'm going to a leadership conference (from the 2nd-11th of July) and am concerned as to my nutrition when staying there.

I am almost vegan (I still eat small amounts of cheese I'm trying to stop it completely). I only had the option to check off Vegetarian under the meal selection form.... but, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be anything that I can eat.....

What would you suggest bringing? (We're staying in dorm rooms so, it's gotta be small).

I am willing to cook food (that won't spoil) before hand but, I don't have access to anything to heat food up when I'm finally there. (and no fridge.)

What would you suggest?
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Kamila- I though that picture was cute... I'm no cowboy lol... (I'm female)... and I ride horses lol.

I would assume that I won't have access to fridge. I might be able to have a container w/ some ice.. but I'm not sure.

The only choice was to go during this holiday in Boston or during August in Chicago.... I chose Boston because it's cheaper (I'm already having to fly at the end of this month) and it's closer to where I'm from. If they had another choice, I would have chosen it.

I have things like Wheat thins, granola, corn bread, crackers w/ peanut butter, cliff bars/ odwalla bars/luna bars (which I might be living on during this... I might just purchase a case instead of purchasing them individually)...

Any other suggestions?
Thanks for the links, I'm going to be in Waltham which is like 15 min. outside of Boston.... so, I'll look it up.
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