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Ideas on food (what to take on trip)

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I'm going to a leadership conference (from the 2nd-11th of July) and am concerned as to my nutrition when staying there.

I am almost vegan (I still eat small amounts of cheese I'm trying to stop it completely). I only had the option to check off Vegetarian under the meal selection form.... but, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be anything that I can eat.....

What would you suggest bringing? (We're staying in dorm rooms so, it's gotta be small).

I am willing to cook food (that won't spoil) before hand but, I don't have access to anything to heat food up when I'm finally there. (and no fridge.)

What would you suggest?
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If you have a fridge, I'd recommend taking some hummus and/or a pasta salad.
I went to a conference earlier this year and this is what I did. I found a small grocery store close by and bought some fresh fruit, a box of cereal, some crackers, and some drinks. I turned my bathroom sink into a cooler by filling it up with ice and kept the food in there. With that food and the food I could eat at the conference, I got through okay. Hopefully they will have things like bagels and fruit for breakfast and then some kind of pasta or rice with veggies for lunch/dinner.

I ate more junk that week than I normally do, but I got by okay.
The other thing is, by talking to them, you may be paving the way for a veg*n in the future. I work at a small college and I am constantly reminding my co-workers that we need to be sensitive of people's special dietary needs (we've had students who had food allergies, dietary needs related to culture/religion, as well as vegetarians.) We're in the south so they love to put on a pig roast here! Gag! I am constantly asking what alternatives will be provided for those of us who don't eat pork. I'm sure they get sick of hearing it but I keep asking!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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