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Ice Cream Maker?

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A previous ice cream post has me inspired. I want to invest in a nice ice cream/sorbet maker, but haven't a clue where to start. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!
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i bought my 2 /12 qt from Walmart. You don't need one of the big ones that makes 5 qts, as vegan recipes just aren't that big, plus they only churn for a half hour-40 minutes anyway, even if you did need to freeze a large amt for an event.

Mine is a Rival I believe. You need to be able to put the canister and the paddle in a freezer for several hours to overnight prior to using it so it's nice and cold. Youre ice cream recipe will also have told you to chill the mixture.

Another option, and my sister says it works really well, is the KitchenAide ice cream adapter for her stand mixer. I don't have it, but she does, and likes it.

Now go make ice cream! I do like the ice cream cookbook The Vegan Scoop, but it's the only one I have....all soy milk/creamer based and it starts with the same base mixture.
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Originally Posted by sallyomally View Post

Ok then! I am ready! Thanks for the tips, and Jess- WOW! Thanks for the fabulous sounding recipes!
I'm a recipe fiend! I may never make all that I have bookmarked....but I"m prepared, and you're welcome!
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I forgot to list that one too, but that site got me started looking for more recipes. It's too bad her health stopped her blogging.
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