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Another alternative frozen treat to consider would be popsicle molds. I use them to make fudgsicles (banana, cocoa powder, maple syrup, soy milk) and mango pops (just mango puree). I bought these that look like ice cream cones for my niece, but Tovolo makes other styles too. I run them under hot water to loosen them from the mold, then try to let them sit out for 10 minutes or so they have the texture of soft serve. And in the case of the mango, VERY healthy. It has texture like ice cream, but is all fruit.

A cuisinart ice cream maker was the first thing I bought after going vegan, and I barely use it. Another useless device in my kitchen cabinet of shame. I think it failed with me because it required too many steps. You have to plan ahead and freeze the container over night. Then you have to create your ice cream mix in a blender and partially freeze that for awhile. Then once that gets semi-frozen, you can put it in the ice cream maker. Then they recommend you freeze the ice cream for a little while before serving. Too much back and forth, start and stop for me.
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