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Ice Bowl

Category: Desserts - Other

Suitable for a: vegetarian diet



Grapes ---------- 10-12 pieces

Lemon Slices ----- 5-8 pieces

Flowers ---------- some of different colors

Mix Fruit --------- 1 Tin OR cut fresh fruits

2 bowls -> 1 large and 1 small that could asily fit within large 1

Mask Tape



Ok then i m here to tell u a newthing & interesting ofcourse

Take a large bowl put flowers, lemon slics and grapes in it to add the colors


take a small bowl and put in the large one (in the middle) while maintaing its balance


use mask tape not tigtly but lossing covering cross areas of bowls (its to keep the balance as we have to add water).

After it add the water b/w two bowls, freeze it over night.

When time comes remove maks tapes and bowls, u'll get an I CE BOWL b/w two bowls
feelings at that time are really SUPERB
, so beautfiul looking bowl of ice made by urself

Now add fruits in it while garanishing on a tray ALSO u can add pudding or deserts in this bowl, it will definitly increase beuaty of ur table.

Give it a try, u'll enjoy

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