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Please Don't Eat the Animals: All the Reason You Need to Be a Vegetarian

Briefly, I wrote an exciting new book, Please Don't Eat the Animals: All the Reasons You Need to Be a Vegetarian (Quill Drivers November 2006) Unlike longer (though popular and excellent) volumes on the subject, this easy to read book is short, straight to the point, and meticulously researched. It mines the latest scientific research to create three extremely persuasive subject areas for reasons to be a vegetarian: one's health, the environment, and in support of animal welfare issues. The last section concerns religious and spiritual reasons. Each of these comprehensive sections are interspersed with inspirational and dramatic quotes about vegetarianism from great thinkers and philosophers, famous celebrities and noble prize winning scientists. We make a convincing case, while always emphasizing the movement towards being a vegetarian, rather than any absolute dogma.

Please check out the website and tell me what you think. This will make a great X-mas present for family and friends who just don't understand.
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