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I had a conversation with a female yesterday, she said the reason why she doesn't use social media is because other people would have so much more information on you than you do of them... Minutes earlier I talked to this guy who gave the impression that the moment I mentioned "veggieboards, activist discussion section", he was overloaded with jaw dropping amounts of world shattering insights... I doubt he could have listed even a few of my post titles... I personally would like it if that were true, how much more convenient it would be if I didn't have to wait for reading, instead it seems like he's a mind slave to some abusive thing in the middle that cares more about social engineering people out of the empowerment social media provides than genuine activism or philosophy... to the female, congratulations, I know nothing about you, I have nothing to go off of, nothing to follow up on, what a waste... you don't have to share everything in order to have even something, like if you're a vegan activist or not, if you can have substantial conversation about anything at all... it's like the world is exposed as barren in the first time in history where free publishing is available to everyone...
A few days earlier I had another conversation with someone who suggested the government has some shadow "life lock" program similar to the Chinese social credit system... I thought the name was ironic, as if it were suggesting there's this abusive organized crime that goes around derailing people into different lives because nobody knows anything about them... the prospect of being locked to the things I have chosen to share (and continue to choose to share, I can always delete stuff in the future) where there's a way to fight back at lies and distortions, sounds like something we should all want... the other part is the government involvement, our system was made to be deliberately difficult and inaccessible to the average person, being able to get updates in the moment from the government (which they will do anyways without telling you) so I can challenge or clarify or give some sort of competitive narrative instead of being put in this other category without knowing why... the idea that the government doesn't restrict transportation or housing or whatever here in the west isn't true... I want a honest government, they're going to do it anyway TIA...
Another point was that they sell your data, or atleast your time to ads, in terms of my activism, I have no problem with that, it's about the ideas, not me, in terms of dragnet bots, they claim the average is less than $10 a year per person... sure Zuckerberg is a billionaire, he gave everyone free publishing... seems like a harmony...
I want to mention the fact that the social engineering against social media is often by people who have political incentives (like news outlets) or were brainwashed by people who have political incentives to prevent people from collaborating, as if they are still on the old playbook where everyone is a stranger and isolated without substantial conversation in any real way... as if their plan for your life is disrupted if you know things you aren't supposed to know... Telepathy is real, the government is lying... Sure, it could be true that people may stalk and attack you because of social media, but the same could be true for defenders, sure you may never have been abused if you had said nothing from the beginning, but the opposite could also be true... The last thing you want to do when fighting evil is to turn off the lights
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